The Rose Thorn MS/2018/01

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I am neither a distraction nor a detraction from the beauty of the rose flower but its essential component. I remind people that the world is not a bed of roses. I prick them to consciousness so that they do not carelessly lose themselves to the lure of the attractive petals. It is unfortunate that people deride me and the pain I bring to balance the joy of the beautiful petals. They desire, instead, to have a thornless rose, a world devoid of pain and stress of all kinds. But this wish can never be realized in this passing world for it will spell doom for man. Moreover, an absence of pain will only tarnish the splendour of the present joy. Although men despise me today because I moderate their joy with pain, I am very certain that they will sing my praises when I succeed, at last, in helping them to overcome the temptations of this passing world. So I struggle to keep pace with the rose and to become more sharp-pointed as the rose becomes more luxuriant . There must be proper balance in the joy-pain ratio. This is my target.

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