The Tendency In Women To Love. MS/2018/18

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A seven years old girl felt so concerned about her quarrelling parents. So she confronted her mother with a soul searching question; “why, mum, do you deal unkindly with dad?” The woman felt touched not just by the question, but also by the anxiety that was written on the face of her daughter.

The woman stepped towards her daughter, stooped down and confided in her; “it is in the nature of women to love, and when, for any reason,they are denied of the opportunity to love,the consequent reaction is what some people perceive as feminine wickedness. The woman’s tendency to love is usually elicited by pressing the right behavioural button”. ” Show me mum”,the girl pleaded with interest, “where your own button is, so that I can switch it on and see your loving personality transform our home.

When the woman heard this, she hugged her daughter not so much to show her the button, but to conceal her wet eyes from her daughter. She was able to accept the truth she has always resented; that she needs to be more phlegmatic and recollected to be able to manage her home.

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