The Village Road. MS/2018/20

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For so many times, I have been on city roads. In so many ways, they delight me with the good things of this passing world. They encourage my pursuits and arouse new ones in me. My imagination is stirred to the boundless creativity and complexity by which man stretches the natural to his advantage.

The village road seems to object to all these. It sometimes chooses the language of massive soil surface and green vegetation to emphasize the greater relevance of the natural over the arificial. It seems to critisize the human monopoly of the city environment in favour of that of the village where there is a more balanced ecosystem where other living non human creatures have a place.

The village road talks about coming home against the city road that leads away from home. It is important to pay attention to the message of the village road; for time must come when the delights of the city road will receed to the background.when one must travel the village road irrespective of one’s unreadiness to embrace the mother earth and never get back to the city again.

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