What To Tell Them At Sunset. MS/2018/21

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Tell them, not at dawn but, at sunset; friends and enemies alike.
Tell them with the full gravity of the message, that the sunset is for the journey of no return.

Tell them, the sicknesses that will lead me to the grave, that I want to appear robust and untarnished when my lifeless body will be laid in the coffin for the prompt admiration of people.

Tell them, the nurses and porters, to be gentle with my body when they carry it from place to place because it has been confirmed lifeless by medical experts.

Tell them, those who will embalm my body in the mortuary, to be very careful with their formaldehyde so that they do not alter my unique complexion and beauty. Tell them to mollify my body, if they can, like that of Alexander the Great so as to align me to the eternal sweetness of the yonder world.

Tell them, my loved ones, to bury me in such a way as to allow nature to take its course when the dust is set to return to dust.

Tell them, my loved ones who will grieve my earthly exit, not to give me tears without prayers, for that will be like giving me water to wash my hand only to starve me of the real food I earnestly crave for.

Tell them, all who bid me farewell at the grave, that I will eargerly wait to welcome them to the better side on their own day. And when you have accomplished all these, tell me, in prayers, to rest in peace.

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