Prison Wall. MS/2018/23

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Everything in a prison speaks one language. From the (high) prison wall to the little cell, the formidable gate as well as the armed guard,they all announce restriction to the prison inmates.

And as if to keep this restriction ever refreshed in the mind of the prisoners, the guard keeps surveillance over the prisoners as they work, eat and rest. The prison wall stands to support this restriction of human freedom. To this all time surveillance, the prisoners have no choice. They are deprived of the ordinariness and alternatives that spice life.

Seeing the consciously restricted life of prisoners, free citizens dream of absolute freedom which, in any place has never been realized. For those who care to know, freedom in this passing world, is a mirage. It spurs us on as we journey through life. We lose freedom when we think we have it. In fact, our achievements rise to form the prison walls of restriction around us. These walls crack with time and begin to give way as we come nearer to our destined home in God.

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