The Human Tears. MS/2018/24

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The faces of women all belong to me, so why should I struggle for recognition with the artificial make-ups of all kinds; powder, lip stick, eye pencil, and all shades of cosmetics that announce their beautifying qualities from women’s faces and traders’ shades. Many women are lured to stock their dressing table and travelling purses with these artificial make-ups just to satisfy their need or that of the society. It does not upset me, the human tears, an inch. Afterall, some women are deprived of some make-ups of their desire simply because they are unaffordable, or out of stock in the market.

On my part, however, nature has stocked me abundantly in the eyes of every human being. Hence, as the king of all make-ups, I flow out to decorate the faces of people at the proper time, be it of sorrow, grief, joy, etc. I trace my lines as profusely as I want, sometimes even crossing the facial boundry. I blur all traces of artificial make-ups that I come across. Yes, I am the Human Tears, that natural make-up that is aroused by the reality of human emotions.

While artificial make-ups exerggerate or falsify one’s physical beauty, I expose the truth of one’s inner feelings. I show up to wash, refresh and decorate the human face as the particular felling of the moment urges me. My position is incontestable. I am the first make-up that worked the human face at birth, and for many people, I will also be the last make-up that will beautify their faces for death.

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