The Cloths We Wear MS/2018/25

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When I was a child, I believed that the cloths we wear conceal nothing, so I innocently went about naked. But as a youth, I learnt that the cloths we wear cover our good and attractive body, so I craved for fashonable cloths.

As an adult, however, I really understood that the cloths we wear cover the human body with its attractiveness and repulsiveness, so I went for cloths that provide proper coverage of the body without being oddly attractive.

Then as an old man, I began to think more of the reality of dust to dust, and how my soul will stand naked one day before God to face the eternal judgment. So, the cloths we wear and what it covers,no longer bother me, beccause both will, one day, rot away in the grave. Finally, my esteemed reader, take few miuites today to categorize your developmental stage and then get in touch with what the cloths you wear mean for you.

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