The Hunter’s Hat. MS/2018/26

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A great and avid hunter once lived, who had an only son. The hunter was very fond of his son and desired strogly that his son would take after him in his hunting expedition. Then one day the boy, to the excitement of his father,declared his intention to be a hunter like his father. It pleased his father that his son had chosen to maintain his prestigious name in the coming generation, but he also wanted to test the strenght of his son’s conviction.

Then the hunter went to his inner room and brought out his hunting insignia; gun, matchet, bow and arrow, an old and specially designed hat. He displayed all these and asked his son to choose any one in preparation for his esteemed career. The boy, who for a long time had admired his father’s hat, chose the hat among all the other items.

At this, the father smiled at his son , sat him down and asked, “will you really be a great hunter, my son, just with a hunter’s hat? When I killed a lion in the Idemmiri forest,it was my Chi, my gun and my hunting prowess that I relied on. The hat fell off my head when I was struggling with the lion, and was only picked up when the feat had been achieved.

My son, your chice of the hat in preference to the real hunting tools points to your inner disposition and desire to savour my fame in neglect of my hunting expdition. However, I will keep waiting for that day when you will make the right choice that tells of your strong conviction to face the task ahead of you.

Simmilarly, our heavenly Father is ever knocking at the door of our heart, waiting for that day of salvation when we shall let him in (Rev.3:20) with an inner conviction to face the real challenge of true discipleship.

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