The Testimony Of Faith. MS/2019/15

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A pastor ministering in a crusade ground invited his congregation to share the good works of God in their lives. It was time for individual sharings of the testimony of faith. Remarkably, many people took to the stage for the exercise but only three people were allowed to share their experiences.

For the first person, it was the story of a miraculous break through in business.  Then a married woman, in the second, shared an inspiring story of the gift of the fruit of the womb after fifteen years of marriage. Next was the prayerful exultations of a young woman who was full of gratitude for the gift of a caring husband.

When those appointed for the testimony of faith have all shared, an old woman earnestly begged to tell her story. “The Spirit cannot allow me to keep my  experience hidden”, she insisted. Being an old woman and with unfashionable attire, she won the sympathy of everybody in the crusade ground. The pastor, then,  handed her the microphone.

The woman, in an instant, charmed the entire congregation with a brief rendition of a popular praise song. When she ended the song, the tears which flowed with it remained in her eyes as she narrated her experience.  Her story in the testimony of faith changed the whole scenario and opened a new dimension of God’s love.

This woman, actually, came to the crusade ground from a nearby hospital where she was attending to her sick husband. Although her husband was critically ill, she was full of appreciation to God for his love and faithfulness. “It was by his miraculous intervention that I carry the cross of taking care of my bedridden husband”, she explained.

Afterwards, the woman cited two scriptural passages that greatly helped her in moments of temptation. One was the prayer of Habakkuk. “Even though the sheep all die and the cattle stalls are empty, I will still be joyful and glad, because the Lord God is my saviour”(Habakkuk 3:17-18). The other was the testimony of faith given by the three young men (Shedrach, Meshach and Abedinego) in the presence of king Nebuchadnezzar. These young men vehemently refused to yield to the king’s order to worship his gold statue (Daniel 3:17-18)

After the woman’s testimony of faith,  a drowning  silence engulfed the entire congregation. Unknown to the old woman she challenged many people to Christ’s vocation to true discipleship. So, whoever does not take up his cross and follow in my steps is not fit to be my disciple” (Mtt. 10:38).

Therefore testimony of faith, in reality, goes far beyond the miraculous accomplishments of our heart’s desires. It is, indeed, the victory we achieve by His grace when we face the daily challenges of our lives. This victory is more properly understood as faithfulness to God’s will. In this sense, the Paschal mystery is the greatest testimony of all times. Like Christ, we must strive to hold firm to God’s love as we near the end of our earthly sojourn. We must carry our cross with Christ to the point of victory.

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  1. Ugo Maduagwu

    June 13, 2019 at 10:27 pm

    Deeply touching. Testimony of God’s love in our daily activities.

    • frozuluonyew

      June 14, 2019 at 1:01 pm

      Your reading and comments are well appreciated the mustardstories family.

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