The Four Weapons Of The Devil. 😈 MS/2019/16

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Satan once felt very worried that four devout persons (two men and two women) were winning his followers back to God. With a sense of urgency, Satan surmmoned four of his strongest warriors to plan how to avert the impending danger. They were availed with the four weapons of the devil for the expedition. “How on Earth could four people light up the entire town that has for long groped in darkness”, the devil wondered.

Hurriedly, the four agents of the devil gathered for the battle girded with the four weapons of the devil. The first agent was clad in power. He implored the devil to double the power he wields so that he can entice people with abundance of power and influence.

Then came the affluent agent. He asked for an overflowing wealth. With wealth and by making financial offers, he planned to lure the righteous to compromise spiritual values.

The appearance of a beautiful lady highlighted beauty as one of the four weapons of the devil. As the third agent, the lady demanded to be made impeccably beautiful for the task ahead.Β  She was so confident that her extraordinary physical appearance will charm people to soil the beauty of their soul.

Last of all, a woman standing as the fourth agent asked to be made the most wicked of all creatures. According to her plan, only a vile heart is needed to stir a ripple of destruction among men. So in the hand of the wicked, poverty and wealth, ugliness and beauty, subjugation and influence become weapons of destruction.Β  A wicked soul, therefore,h is many times more dangerous than any of the physical weapons. Moreso, it can create a weapon out of the noblest of any situation or material object.

Finally, the devil granted their requests and sent them to accomplish their evil mission among men. TheΒ  woman with a wicked soul was charged to lead the tempting squard armed with the four weapons of the devil. Since the agents of the devil are still wrecking havoc among us, we must stand up to them, as Peter challenged us, strong in faith (1Pet.5:8-9).



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