The Footsteps Of The Grave Sand. MS/2019/18

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I hear it clearly and profoundly,

the footsteps of the grave sand.

Vum  vum  yum  yum  vum  vum.

I feel its resolve to end my history.


What a painful task to perform.

To hide me beneath the earth,

and wipe my physical presence for ever.

And more so, humble me to the sand.


I perceive it coming as it is thrown,

led, by friends gripped with sorrow.

Before all friends who shared my joy,

the grave sand confirms that it is all over.


It covers my remains so well in the grave so

that my funeral can go on without me.

In the same way, it helps people to face my loss

and live the future without me.


So from my coffin, I wave to my friends.

I return all farewells  and good byes,

though concealed now by the grave sand.

but will be unveiled when we all cross over.

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