Until The Seas Dry Up. MS/2019/20

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My croaking melody will not end until the seas dry up. As an original water music, it is meant to flow unceasingly as the River Thames. By this croaking melody of mine, people feel the tonic depth of a vibrating and natural baritone.

Friedrick Handel, among others, found in me, the frog, 🐸 the original components of his water music. So in 17th July 1717, he discovered the eternal solution to the royal music task given to him by king George 1. Hiding in the miniature castle of the swamp and water kingdom, I render my water music as nature bids me. 🐸

To the unskilled ears, my piece is a croaking cacophony of baritone voices. But to people like Handel, my croaking symphony will remain a classic masterpiece until the seas dry up. In fact, my work stands as a reference point to people of various categories and at various situations.

Those who really appreciate my music place it in it’s proper perspective. Such people do not forget that my music is composed and gaggled out from water. My ability to carry the horn and woodwind instruments all in my mouth, 🐸 and to mix their effects with my natural voice Marvels them. So those who ridicule my bloated vocal sac during my performance should rather praise my dexterity.

However, the wrong evaluation of the inexperienced in music does not bother me. I have never been in doubt about my Noble descent. My great grand father grew up in the ancient well at the court of Jubal (Gen 4:21). And for that reason, I am a choral member of the amphibians’  family. I live both in water 🐸 and on land to appreciate the tripple suits of my water music.

Perhaps, you can  spend time today to listen to Handel’s piece at the comfort of your room. You can also listen to the chorals of frogs 🐸 in any natural water environment worthy of the name. Finally, keep listening to the song on the frog until the seas dry up.

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