A Confused Young Man. MS/2019/22

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A confused young man went to an old monk who was renowned for his wisdom to seek direction in life. The old monk readily sat in attendance to the young man and sent him, afterwards,  to a nearby mountain.” You need to accomplish satisfactorily this  self recollection journey in order to set your goals aright”, the monk explained.

It was a convenient task which the young man happily embraced. The peak of the mountain towered into the sky when viewed from the monastery compound. This, somehow, created a visual impression of the mountain as so close that one could get to the top with just one long limp from the monastery ground. Confidently, the young man set out , determined to make it to the top in a record time. He wanted to explore the mountain and come back to the monk  no longer as a confused young man.

Surprisingly, it didn’t take the young man so much time to reach his physical destination. Then he came across a man of his age shading tears profusely on top of the mountain.”What could have happened to this man”? the young man speculated. Could it be that an aggressor was lurking somewhere in the lonely mountain? Or even that the man was suffering the excruciating effect of the dead silence of the mountain.

However, urged on by a sense of personal determination to impress the monk, he left the man and hurried down the mountain. He was very happy that he accomplished the task within so short a time.

Then sitting before the monk, the young man narrated his experience, unconsciously looking for the commendation of the monk.”I appreciate your resources with which you made it to the peak of the mountain out there” . But you may need to pay attention to your inner reluctance to accept the invitation to climb the mountain within. The peak of the physical mountain and its silent environment, the man in tears who was actually at the peak of his emotional mountain, etc were some of your neglected invitations.

I suggest, therefore, that you go back to the mountain which is yours alone. And when you are there, be sincere and courageous to

let out what you feel inside. Give yourself that treasured freedom which people deny you when they are present. When you really know and accept yourself, you can set your goals and actualize them.

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