The World Of The House Help MS/2019/23

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My world is different, glaringly different.

It is a world filled with bitterness and lacks.

This is the world of the house helps,

created by selfish people all over.


In my world, I was born a lesser person,

grossly inferior to the noble children around.

My foster mother told me so, repeatedly,

so that my unconscious would hear it well.


She threatens to throw me out of her house

just because I am of no value to her.

Then, fully forgetful of my own needs,

I have to learn and play adult roles.


Just to maintain my conditional stay

In this manipulated world of the house help.

I help my foster mother at the shop and also

by attending to the house chores all alone.


Unlike myself,  the two children I look after,

Chike and adaeze, study at a good school.

As auspicious children, all their needs

are provided without the slightest delay.


They eat delicacies from fresh pots,

while I manage with the leftovers.

For their outings, I dress them with gaiety

from the abundance of their wardrobe.


But for mine, only   a few worn out clothes

are available for me. These I wear without

the luxury of underwears and foot wears.

This is the real world of the house help.


In this, the story of Tantalus in Greek

mythology comes to mind.. Zeus gave

a terrible punishment to Tantalus for

attempting to serve his own son to the gods.


Tantalus was then made forever to go

thirsty and hungry in Hades despite

being stood in a pool of water and

almost within the reach of a fruit tree.


The punishment of Tantalus was set

to warn men never to cross the special

boundary between mortals and god’s.

So it seems for many house helps.


They are deprived of their basic needs.

And in this deprivation, they are

crushed psychologically as if to ensure

that they never cross their world boundary

to become more successful than the nobles.




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