The Erosion Of Life. MS/2019/25

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It happens gradually but steadily. That life which is guarded as the ultimate treasure is always being washed away by the unceasing flood of time. The erosion of life is the name of the drama.

In one of the scenes, I saw myself seated at a comfortable side atop a high mountain. The mountain towered so high into the sky that it afforded me a vantage position to observe the interplay of life, time and death.

Like myself, there were many other units of life at various points of that single mountain of life. They were all concentrated on themselves and their position on the mountain. Of itself, the mountain formed a vulnerable barrage that is continuously hit by two clashing torrents coming from the opposite directions.

The aged and the sickly were at the lower level of the mountain. I imagined that they settled where their strength and health could carry and sustain them. At this lower part of the mountain, there was great danger of being swept off the mountain of life. And many were actually swept  off as I watched.

At the peak of the mountain, the young and healthy people struggle for comfortable positions, sometimes pushing  themselves off the mountain of life. At other times the clashing of  the turbulent torrents sends heavy balls of water to the peak of the mountain. This occasional accident often leads to unanticipated falloff of people from their apparent safe positions on the mountain.

Should I cry and grieve for this drama of the erosion of life? I sometimes grieve for myself when those who are close to me are swept off. I can’t but remember my friends and colleagues whom  I considered very secure on the mountain of life. But having been washed away, only faint memory and tombstone tell their story on the mountain.

Even so, the mountain of life remains a blessing to humanity. The torrential flood of time is on divine mission to bring us to the eternal mountain of peace. The entire scene, though frightening to many, is the drama of our real life.

We are all involved in the drama of the erosion of life. One day at a special time, I will be swept off from the mountain of life. And when that day comes, may the mercy of God and my little acts of charity http://https//  guide my flow to the eternal mountain of peace.

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