A Dreadful Night. MS/2020/01

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It was a dreadful night that would never lead to  day. A night that made all others of my lifetime inferior.

I shivered at the looming darkness of this ghostly night. Its darkness enfolded me in my little confinement shrouding all reality to non existence.

In the darkest hues of the night, the beautiful turned ugly, tasty food nauseating, and the glories of the world into vanity.

All through my lifetime, I have never seen a night so long and dark. Yet it was to be the end of my lifetime.

I shuddered at this imagination, but it was the bitter truth of the moment. That I, … , will hand over my dreams,  projects and achievements to people whose goodwill I cannot guarantee.

Even this and many other gripping anxieties seemed obliterated by the aura of the Dreadful night. However, the night itself was one monstrous anxiety that seemed determined to escort me out of the earthly stadium.

I had to live with  this feeling that my weak body has become a burden too heavy to be dragged onto survival. Hence I was, without any other option, affirming the victory of the dreadful night.

My surrender gave rise to a Luminous spark of hope amidst the enveloping darkness. My soul was illumined by this blissful rays . I bade goobye to the world and friends I was leaving behind.

Unfortunately, the world took no notice of my wave and departure because it was  so  engrossed with itself. Even my friends did not get my message because I have gone far into the night.  Their eyes were blurred with tears for my exit.


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