The Wind Of Corona Pandemic. MS/2020/02

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Like the great iroko tree which shades its leaves at the pressure of the dry harmattan wind, the world is Shading off at the Corona Pandemic. World economy is shaken at the wind of corona virus. In all countries, governments are challenged to prove that the life  of their subjects is of primal importance. Man’s vulnerability, more than ever, stares everyone in the face. The world is panic – stricken at the onslaught of corona virus.

This is not the time to fold hands and watch countries, organizations, establishments, individuals, etc, go down. When trees are felled one after the other in a dense forest, the forest can, with time, turn into barren land. This is the time to help save humanity from crisis. In this critical period, our genuine efforts must good beyond country boarders. We must understand and speak the language of love across religious groups.

Christians should turn to God and to the direction of the churches for help. The wind of corona virus is a real threat to global stability.  In 2Chronocles 6:28, King Solomon foresaw the agony of the world that is threatened by disease. Also in 2Samuel 24:16ff, God changed his mind about punishing Jerusalem with an epidemic. To the angel who was slaying the people God said Stop!.

It is now time to tackle the Corona virus issue synergistically.  With our common efforts, God can, in our own time and circumstance say Stop to this virus of destruction.

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