The Battle For Survival. MS/2020/03

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In the full glare of everybody, a fierce battle rages on. For the two contestants as well as the entire humanity, it is the battle for survival. This battle encompasses and outlasts all others, and so, it is of great significance to all.

Fought in the world stadium, everybody is involved not so much from choice but necessarily. Because by destiny, we are different characters scripting the history of the ever flowing now. So our own destiny has also made us spectators in the world stadium today.

As one might least expect, it is Truth verses Lies, Reality verses Fake news. But is this not worrisome?  a  balloon challenging a  short put in weight. And even if, as I am moved to presume that there is a mixup somewhere,  I still don’t understand why people choose to take side with lies and fake news.

If it is mere personal interests,  what interest supersedes that of the entire humanity? Reconsider the threat which corona virus posed to the whole world. Yet even that could not check the fake news and lies generatedl from it.

Some governments, Countries and individuals today desire to control the world by risking its weakening and extinction. So whose victory do you work for? And if you ever become the referee in the battle for survival,  will humanity be saved?

Abide, therefore, by the lockdown directive from the government. At all times, remember to open up to the truth of the humanity and its values.

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