Dreams That Never Came True. MS/2020/05

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If  there are people in this country, who have experienced its major historic events, I salute them with profound honor. But if there are noble citizens in this country who are unblinded by their religious or ethnic inclinations,  they will attest that Nigeria has developed very poorly in proportion to the richness of its resources. In fact one Nigeria is a dream that never came true.

When I remember my primary school experience , I   see in Nigeria, a budded flower  that never blossomed. In those glorious moments, we sang the national anthem, parroted the pledge and believed them. I just feel very sad at heart for the beautiful dreams we were taught to share with Nigeria that never came true.  We believed our teachers who drummed it into our ears that the national anthem summons all Nigerians to patriotism. And by taking a respectful poise of attention, we showed our readiness to serve Nigeria committedly.

Our school headmaster,  Mr  Udu made a lot of positive impacts on us. His popularity was linked to his disciplined life, impeccable  English expressions and the milk – colored 404 Peugeot car. All these gave him a professional trademark in the school and the entire village.

Our male and female teachers then, had so much integrity and respect in their work. With our childlike mindset, we understood that teachers were important for the society and we admired them.

Teachers were happy, and readily announced the various provisions of teaching aids by the government. They taught us that Nigerian government is interested in our welfare, that Nigeria is our fatherland and that we would be her future leaders. Quite unfortunately, the beautiful dreams never came true.  Those who led the country about forty years ago are still in power with their contemporaries.

Today’s scenario in the country is fraught with confusion. The national anthem is just an empty protocol. Those who rig elections boldly stand at attention to sing the anthem. Those who defraud the country refuse to resign when they are regularly indicted by the national pledge. Some politicians jetison national interest just to settle personal issues.

Teachers are unsatisfied and educational system is neglected. Even when teachers teach students the prospects of education, they do so with a countenance of hopelessness. There is something basically wrong with Nigeria. It might be difficult to fix it up until we swallow our pride and accept the ugly reality that stares us in the face.

Today,  many Nigerian youths are frustrated, but the government seems not seriously interested. This may be because it falls back on the octogenarians for its personnel needs in leadership. Any nation that travells this unpopular path is heading for doom. Likewise any elder that supports the stifling or monopolization of the political and economic opportunities proper to the coming generation is not an elderly statesman. A Nigeria that is starved of the progressive services of the youth will never take its pride of place in the global stage.


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