The Betrayed Hunter MS/2020/06

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The betrayed hunter tells the story of Mmaduka who was making a hunting trip to the village forest. He was chanced to meet his friend who was also a hunter on the forest road. It pleased him so much that he would enjoy the company of a friendly and  skilled partner that day. So with high spirits and great optimism, they trekked to the forest.

Mmaduka was disappointed when his friend scared away what would have been their first game. He was almost certain that the game would have been his if not for the clumsy and careless body movement of his friend.

Then they sighted a group of wild boar moving in a single file as in a forest ceremony. As an experienced hunter Mmaduka knew that they should attack the last game in the line. But his friend broke the hunting rule again by attacking the game at the middle of the roll. All the animals charged fiercely against the two hunters. Mmaduka’s friend ran off for safety while Mmaduka climbed a nearby tree.

The angry animals, as by agreement, left the run-away enemy to escape. With United effort, they gathered to uproot and fell the tree so as to bring  Mmaduka down. From the tree top where he perched, Mmaduka melted with fear. He cried and shouted for help from his friend.

No help came from his run-away friend, instead his wife woke him from his sleep.  “Which friend are you calling to help you in your sleep?”, his wife inquired with anxiety.

Mmaduka took some minutes to wake up fully to the reality of his present life. He had been dreaming on a hospital bed. The doctor had given him the worst news of his life, that cigarette, his long time life companion has damaged his lungs. In fact the doctor had said that he might only hang on for few weeks. So both in dream and in  waking life, it was really a sad experience of a betrayed hunter.

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