My Bed And My Casket MS/2020/08

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I was moved by an interior voice today,  to reflect deeply about my bed and my casket. This, as you can imagine, is difficult and scaring. May be for the obvious fact that I can point to the bed I use every day. But what of my casket? I can only imagine it from the experience of others. What a frightening venture.

The discovery is really insightful. Both my bed and my Casket are for my rest. With my bed, I only accomplish fitful sleep. But with my casket, I will be due for  eternal repose. I recall the excitement with which I bought my bed. But I anticipate with nostalgia, the grief with which my casket will be purchased when I die.

Bed, generally, captures the plot of the sweet story of life. This story tells the beginning of the process of human life with amorous imagery. Also on the bed, sometimes designated as sick bed, the sad story of the end of many lives is acted. And when the drama of life is over eventually, it is the casket that is drawn as the last curtain.

My bed and my casket then are my personal companions. One to serve me in life, the other at death. While at rest on the bed, the body regains it’s lost energy. For the deceased in the casket, however, the body retires to rest in the dust from which it did come.

In life, I rest on my bed as I desire. But when this life is over, I will helplessly rely on others to lead me to my casket. And once there, it will be time for timeless rest.

So today, as I lay on my bed to rest in time,  I cannot but remember that great day of my existence. The spectacular day when I will be laid lifeless in my casket. How I wish I will be found worthy of a new dawn in the heavenly home.

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