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Nancy, a slim and fair skinned teenager, has some issues understanding herself in relationships. On serveral occasions, she sat to study herself with the aim of getting to the root of her problem. In order to discover the truth of her personality, she tactfully positioned three glass mirrors in her room. These, she thought, will highlight her comprehensive image by their combined reflections. In fact Nancy has an urgent need before her. She desires to know what she looks like, what people see and encounter when they come close to her.

Then one day one of Nancy’s classmates flared up with her. Being so preoccupied with herself, Nancy paid very little attention to her class assignments. The group leader lost his temper while reprimanding Nancy. He called Nancy lazy, wicked, and  one other thing she feels better not to remember.

As a result of her encounter with the members of her group, Nancy felt wounded at heart. was suffocating, seeing no other person but her drowning self. “I think the forgotten remark is something about unpleasantness and appearance. But why is my mind so hazy? ” Nancy tried to converse with herself as she descended the lonely valley of depression.

On entering her room, Nancy moved straight to the three glass mirrors in her room. With pathetic attention she looked herself up. The intention was to confirm that there is nothing of laziness, wickedness and that dreaded thing about her. In other words, to be healed with the glass mirror message.

However, Nancy’s expectation was dashed on the mirror surface.  The mirror itself was attacked by the Nancy virus. Consequently, whatever Nancy feared is  what she saw in the mirror.

What a helpless situation for Nancy and all those who, like her, depend on material reflections for their self image and healing. Human reflections of the physical mirror give information about the physical appearance of a person which may have very little to do with the real person. More so, the subject standing before the mirror can alter the reflection and its interpretation acting as a virus to the glass mirror.

Even the reflections of the human mirror cannot, in all circumstance, be relied on because of the possibility of bias. It is only in prayer, that is, when we stand naked before God that we see the reflection of our true self. It is in our continuous response to God’s call to the challenges of the true self that we grow;

*out of depression,

*towards maturity. and

*in holiness of life.



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