Burial Ceremony Without a Corpse. MS/2021/02/03/

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The sanctuary was filled with the mysterious aura of the divine. At the altar, the hope in the resurrection which is shared by all christians glittered from the altar clothes. Then, with a liturgical poise, the priest emerged and opened his hands in prayer for the dead. From the great assembly gathered, there was a solemn amen that sounded more like an angelic chorus. It was a burial ceremony without a corpse.

There were so many people in the church. The people were strange but the church was familiar. Surprisingly, the heavy congregation did not upset me, neither did I worry about the many strange faces around me. Indeed, the holy act of praying for the dead preoccupied us in that burial ceremony without a corpse.

And of the choir and their rendition, I can only say that they practiced in heaven and sang on earth. I think there are many questions I would have asked. Perhaps I forgot them all overwhelmed by the hypnotizing songs of the choir.

Then at a time, the priest prayed over something in a wooden bowl. He later carried the bowl to me. I peered into it to have a feel of the content. It was dark, dirty and dusty with a spoon that looked like a miniature shovel. At that moment, the choir intoned a familiar burial hymn that actually announced me as the corpse for the burial ceremony.

I shouted a resounding no from a depth that is too far to reach any physical ear. At that instant, I took to my heels and ran out of the church to no place in particular.

When I woke up, I was carrying on my face the big sign of the cross marked by my parish priest for the Ash Wednesday. What fear I have for death and its relations. Oh that this Ash Wednesday will lessen my fears especially for death. For I wish not to die with fear but with joy and happiness.


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