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The colonial masters discovered Africa. So they reason in their world. But it was the Africa of their imagination that they discovered, an Africa that will be a footnote in their history of development. Africa is just the needed catalyst to drive the development they wanted for themselves. So as a real catalyst, Africa sped up development in the west without itself sharing meaningfully in the development.

This is not what Africa desired for itself. She was simply a victim of events of exploitation and western capitalist race. The implication of that victimhood is that Africa is a colonized continent even up till today.

At the beginning of colonization of Africa, the continent was seen as a virgin land. Many countries of the West scrambled for ownership and cultivation of the virgin continent. The colonial masters pretended to see no value in the cultivated Africa. So they accorded to themselves the privilege of the discovery and definition of Africa. It was as if the continent needed their blessing to commence its history.

And what history was actually initiated by colonialism? It was the history of oppressive indoctrination of inferiority of African identity and values. In the colonial experience, Africans consciously or unconsciously learnt the wrong tenets before them. They never knew that those tenets would keep them crippled for many years to come. They learnt that;

* foreign language has greater relevance than local language.

*Formal education is for white collar job and not for production.

*Exploitation and manipulation of the vulnerable for personal advantage is right.

*Leadership is about maintaining power, giving and enforcing directives by a group of persons who are superior to others.

*Leaders should get the best of the country’s resources

*Leaders are not accountable to the common people

It is very obvious that the major lessons of colonial experience are not democracy and development oriented. This explains the many military regimes close to the independence history of many African nations. Many African languages have not recovered from the strangling colonial  grip. There are still some African leaders who run the government as their personal business without any obligation to account to the public. What of the scandalous cost of governance observed in many Afrcan states, and the unproductive education system?

I think Africa is still under the spell of colonialism. Independence is not achieved and celebrated in a day. It is a gradual process of deconstruction of the oppressive policies, structures and mindset built by the colonial experience. African leaders must evaluate the historical independence of their nations vis-a-vis their today’s dependency on the socio-economic life of the Western world.

It might just be that what many Afrcans celebrate in their historical independence is false freedom. In a sense, colonialism has not ended in Africa. It merely changed its overtly  crude pattern. And worst still,  the colonial experience has so malformed many Africans that they loot Afrcan wealth to enrich themselves. Those brand of African politicians loot the resources of the common people. They store their ill-gotten wealth in European bank because they are the district officer politicians. them and all those that live with their mentality, Africa is still in bondage.


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